Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ok, ok, I love LA

I used to think I didn't like living in Los Angeles. I don't like really hot weather and in the Valley, where I live, it gets really hot in the summer. I always wanted to live in a suburb of Seattle.

Ever since my best friend and I visited the area after I graduated from college and drove from Seattle to The Gorge, I have wanted to live with this in my backyard.

Lately, the weather in LA has been pretty wet. If it rains here, which it rarely does, it will rain for a day or two and then it's over. Last week, it rained for six days straight. It is supposed to rain today and then again this weekend. I have noticed that I yearn for the warmth of the sun. I want to be able to go on a hike or bike ride without dealing with mud and drizzle. Maybe sunny southern CA is the place for me after all...

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