Monday, August 16, 2010

Moving On

I didn't really finish the Australia re-caps, but I'm over it. In the two days that were left, I ate a whole lotta fish, including some cheap, but delicious sushi, and bought a travel pillow for the airplane ride home. I probably slept a total of one hour on that 14 hour plane ride home, but oh well. I watched a bunch of movies!

Sooooo... I saw this post today in my reader and decided to write my own "things I don't want people to know" post.

Deep breath. Here we go...

1. I used to hate tomatoes. In the last few years, I have convinced myself to like them. I now realize I only hated them because my mom did. My dad used to say that to me when I was little and I denied it, but now I know it was probably true.

2. If nobody ever came over to my house, I would never clean it. I only clean for people coming over, not for myself (or my husband).

3. I am probably the laziest person I know. I would rather lay in bed all day than do just about anything. The only time I feel like I really want to go DO something is when I am allowed to be lazy (like on Sundays) and I feel a need to rebel.

4. Yes, I want a baby and all the love that brings, but another reason I want to get pregnant is so I can have an excuse to be fat.

5. I am seriously cheap, but I can't save money if my life depended on it. I wouldn't spend more than $20 on a single item (think shirt, purse, housewares), but I will easily spend $100 at Target on a bunch of random crap.

6. I have OCD tendencies. I might have piles of  laundry all over the floor, but if someone moves a vase or picture frame, I have to move it back.

7. I failed at the wedding coordinating business. I don't love it and I'm not that good at it.

8. I am completely addicted to my crackberry. I check facebook and twitter at least every half hour. I check my google reader at least 10 times a day.

9. My mom still pays for my cellphone. If she ever stops, I don't know if I will be able to afford the crackberry and then I'll have to deal with that addiction.

10. I don't shower everyday. I usually shower every other day, but sometimes every three days. I rarely smell bad, though. I swear.

So there you have it! I'm already embarrassed...


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I love your confessions... I don't think I could do it :)

Jakeandjess said... [Reply to comment]

hmmm this gives us an idea for a post. let's see how brave we are!

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