Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interview Season

Well, it's that time again. I'm officially on the hunt for a job. While I really don't want to leave my current school, I'm trying to stay positive and see this whole RIF/lay-off thing as an opportunity. Ironically, I'm pretty happy I didn't get pregnant when I wanted to last summer because I would be huge right now and hugely pregnant women don't do so well on job interviews, I suspect.

Yesterday was resume and cover letter day, so today is interview outfit day. While I know it is what I say that should really matter, if I'm feeling good about how I look, I will do much better in the interview than if I feel yucky. Here is a little polyvore board to show what I'm thinking to wear for the first round of interviews...

#1: I don't wear glasses, but these from zennioptial.com for $30 would make me look super smart.
#2: Royal blue is a power color and this cardigan from debenhams.com for $56 would give me an edge.
#3: I recently bought some black patent pumps like these from zappos.com, but mine were far less than their $248 price tag. I love how mine are not too high and not too low: perfect for an interview.
#4: I've been wanting a black patent purse for a while, but I would only be able to sport this $1,795 one from YSL in my dreams.
#5: I have a black pencil skirt similar to this one from zappos.com for $69. It is professional and classic.
#6: I'll wear my husband's grandmother's pearl necklace, but this one from gerarddarel.com is lovely, too.
#7: While this shirt from farfetch.com is cute, I'll have to find one that is about one-tenth of it's $280 price.

What do you think? Would an outfit like this land me the job?


katherinebee said... [Reply to comment]

Love it! Glasses always make you look smarter, which I hear helps when you're blonde. :) Express and New York and Company always have good interview clothes. Good luck!

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