Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh, to be a Princess!

Well, I guess she is actually a Duchess, which I don't really understand, but whatever, she looked AMAZING today.

I love how her bouquet was an appropriate size for her body. Tiny girls with ginormous bouquets look silly.

Was I right about the simple long sleeved elegant dress? Oh yes, I was. And it is so good.

Can I get married again? In this dress? With this body? But my face and hair and husband? Ok good, thanks.

I like to think that all Kate could think about as she walked down the aisle looking at the back of William's head was, "I'm marrying a balding 28 year old, but at least he's a prince!"

So happy!

All photos above are from Go Fug Yourself.

Are you ready for my favorite photo of the event?

Romantic and adorable. That flower girl/bridesmaid/attendant is too cute for words. And call me crazy, but I think this royal couple is going to make it.


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