Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend! We had a very nice Christmas and I'm enjoying my time off more than ever before. I've been enjoying it so much that I sort of neglected the blog. Today I realized that I had better recap Christmas before the New Year begins on Sunday!

On Christmas Eve, we had my husband's parents, grandma, sister, nieces, aunt, and cousins over as well as my mom and brother. Here is my mother-in-law with our niece.

And with our other niece.

The kids' table!

Everyone eating. I made lasagna (recipe on the box of no boil noodles from Trader Joe's - it was amazing and everyone loved it, so go try it), caesar salad, and garlic bread. Simple and delicious!

My in-laws looking through the book we made them as their gift. It was a win! She cried!!

Our adorable little niece dragging her present to her aunt to open.


My husband and out niece, the tiny dancer.

She was a cookie monster that day! I didn't make any other desserts because I knew my mother-in-law would bring enough cookies for everyone to have their fill of sweets.

Saying hello to the dogs.

That night we went to church and had dinner at my parents' house before heading out to my in-laws ranch for some relaxation time.

On Christmas, we opened presents (I LOVE these!!),

kept Jackson from licking his wound from his neuter,

and napped. I'm so glad my husband took this picture so we'll always remember how I looked sleeping (not).

The next day, we drove home and relaxed some more before my husband had to go back to work on Tuesday. Yesterday I went to Ikea to return a couple of things (both my mom and my husband got me, er the baby this adorable rocking moose, so one had to go back) and pick up some stuff for the nursery. Today I ran errands, including a trip to Michael's to get supplies for the crib mobile I'm making. I'll do an update on the nursery soon!


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