Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Spring break is a mere two hours away and I am so ready! My husband is taking some time off of work so we can have a little getaway and spend some much needed RR&R (rest, recreation, and romance ;) time together. Originally we had planned on going up to Yosemite as he has never been and I practically grew up there (my dad worked there when I was little and my mom and I lived in Fresno, not far away). I wanted to go before the heat of summer so the waterfalls would be huge, but we like to travel on the cheap and it wasn't really working out for Yosemite. The tent city place (Curry city, I think?) was in our budget and sounded cool, but maybe a little too cool, as in totally freezing at night this time of year. We postponed the Yosemite trip and tried to think of another idea. I suggested something that we had plans for in late summer (sorry Gale): bike wine tasting in San Ynez. With my new passion for biking and our long love-affair with wine tasting, this was the perfect trip to relieve some stress and reconnect. I tried to research hotels, but I am no good at it, so I left it up to my hubby. This is why he is in charge of planning trips. Look where we're staying!

Nothing I love more than a tastefully decorated hotel room. OMG I cannot wait for this little trip. I am making a map of the wineries I want to visit. Fess Parker and Firestone are a couple of great ones and they're really close to each other. We always like to hit up a couple of unknown ones as well to get some good deals on wine, although I'm going to need a bike basket if we plan on buying any (hint, hint to the hubby). Last time we visited the area we didn't go to Sanford and I'd love to make it there too, but we might have to drive. I'll be sure to blog about the trip and report back on drunk biking. I have a feeling it is going to be pretty hilarious.


Jakeandjess said... [Reply to comment]

...and between all of the goodbyes and cries I didn't get to hear how your trip went. There wasn't a stitch of rain either!

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