Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Australia: The Hotel

Did you know we get to go to Australia for free this summer? Oh yeah, I've only mentioned it a hundred times...

Well, we found out that this is where we get to stay (for free!!!):

The Sheraton on the Park in Sydney is a five-star hotel located right next to Hyde Park. I imagine Hyde Park is like the Central Park of Sydney...

If we don't get a park view, I'll settle for one like this...

One thing I look for when booking a hotel? While linens. I am obsessed with white fluffy comforters in hotels. Not so into those old bedspreads with all kinds of nasty crusted on.

Maybe if I get bored, I can swim here:

And I can't wait to have tea time (!!) at the tea lounge:

I am so excited to have the opportunity to travel to a place I know we would otherwise never get to go. I might get lonely while my husband is working five days a week, but I think I'll manage just fine on my own (unsupervised shopping is calling my name).

When you book a hotel, what is the one thing you always look for?


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