Friday, May 14, 2010

Boo boos

Boo boos is what I called my little brother when he was a baby. It was a term of endearment I used before I felt like I was ready to call him by his name. Then, my husband and I got our puppy, Ruby, and we started calling her Ru boos, then boo boos. Then we started calling each other boo boos, but only if we were sick, or sleepy, or sad. I always knew I would call my babies boo boos. I tend to give this term to anything I find super cute or cuddly, and I'm positive I will find my babies super cute and cuddly.

The other day, I was watching Kendra (you know you watch dumb TV, too) and she calls her baby boo boos. I believe when I heard it, I yelled at the TV, "Noooooooo!! That's OUR word!!!"

Yesterday, I was reading That Wife, and she said that her favorite nick name for her new baby was... boo boos. No!!! Why does everyone keep stealing it?

That Wife's boo boos

I thought boo boos was our unique lovey-dovey name, but I guess we will have to share it.

What nickname do you call your significant other/pet/baby?


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