Monday, August 16, 2010

If she becomes the President, we're moving

Yesterday, we walked down to Trader Joe's. We took Ruby and I sat outside with her while my husband went in to get some dog food and bread. Almost as soon as I sat down, this guy comes out, looks at my dog and says, "Hey, you look like Obama!"



I don't see the resemblance...

After I gave him a confused smile as a response, he said, "He'll be gone in a couple of years, thank god." This is the point where my smile turns upside down. I still didn't reply, as I don't generally feel the need to get into it with random douche-bags who like to make derogatory comments about the President to total strangers. As he walked away, he started chanting, "Sarah Palin! Sarah Palin!"


Just the other night, my husband and I were discussing this Palin phenomenon over dinner. We both agreed that if, by some curse of the heavens, she became the President, we would need to move to Canada. We laughed about the mass exodus we would see of everyone in the country, except the people living in the middle states. We could start a whole new Little America, like Little Italy, just a few hundred miles North.

Apparently some of these crazy Palin-lovers live in our neighborhood in CA. This makes me want to cry.


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It's so weird to me when people feel the need to make controversial often mean political statements to complete strangers. I just don't get the thought process.

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