Thursday, June 3, 2010

You asked, I answered!

Recent formspring Q & A:

Are you sure you wouldn't want to be well off and work full time??? ;)

I just don't know. I think I could handle being a working mom, but if it is possible to afford our house and bills while staying home, I would love to be able to have that be my full time job :)

if you HAD TO kill one of your friends or one of your dogs who would you kill and why? How would you do it?
haha, I'd kill you with a meat cleaver...

are you a natural blonde?
I am, but it is now a darkish dirty blonde. I get highlights to brighten it up a bit (and because when I was 19 I dyed my hair red and had to gradually go back to blonde - once you dye your hair, you're pretty much stuck doing it forever).

if you could move anywhere in the world...where would you go?
Well, I haven't been very many places yet. I imagine I'd love Australia (we'll soon find out), Ireland, and Paris. I really loved Seattle when I visited a few years ago and I can see myself living in a suburb near the city. I also love Northern CA and hope to move up there one day.

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